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Cedric's Flower Ratings Colouring Book

Cedric's Flower Ratings Colouring Book

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Join Beedric on a delightful journey through the gardens with the Cedric's Flower Ratings Colouring Book. Dressed as Beedric the bumblebee, Tiny Chihuahua Cedric has sniffed out and rated his favorite flowers, presenting a canvas for your coloring inspiration. This book has 23 pages you can color and is designed and illustrated by @LorelyArt. It's an invitation to celebrate nature's beauty and the bees' essential role in our ecosystem.
  • Explore Beedric’s Favorites: Enjoy 23 pages filled with various flowers, each awaiting your unique color choices.
  • Color Your Way: From realistic shades to imaginative hues, each flower is a chance for you to express your coloring style.
  • A Nod to Nature: As you color, you'll be reminded of the importance of bees and the necessity of protecting these crucial pollinators.
  • Personalize Your Ratings: There's space for you to leave your own flower ratings, adding an interactive element to your coloring experience.
  • Learn and Relax: This coloring book offers a peaceful retreat that also educates about our environment's floral diversity.

With Cedric's Flower Ratings Colouring Book, take part in Beedric's adventure and let your creativity blossom on every page. It’s an activity filled with joy, learning, and the reminder to cherish our natural world.

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Customer Reviews

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Cedric Coloring Book

So cute! The recipient loved it!

Best colouring book

I bought this book a week ago and being in England, it came really quickly (a week). It has kept me entertained for days and I am not even halfway through yet. I think most cedric lovers would enjoy this.

Cutest Coloring Book!

Quality is great and the images are super adorable.

Jeremiah N Charity
Love my Cedric Coloring book!

I received this as gift today from my hubby and Absolutely can't wait to color in it!!! The book has wonderful illustrations and is bigger than I thought it would be! It is pure perfection! ❤️

Sandra S.
Exactly what we expected from adorable Cedric!

My daughter loved this gift.