Collection: Garden Tours

Embark on a delightful journey with Tiny Chihuahua Cedric in our Garden Tours Collection, where each piece is inspired by Cedric's adventures watering plants and exploring the floral wonders of his garden. This collection captures the essence of strolling through a blooming garden, with Cedric as your cheerful guide. From vibrant apparel echoing the colors of garden flowers to home accessories that bring the tranquility of a well-tended garden into your space, every item reflects the beauty and serenity of nature as seen through Cedric's eyes. Perfect for fans who admire Cedric's gardening escapades and the splendor of nature's bounty. The Garden Tours Collection invites you to relish the joys of gardening and the delightful discoveries of each flower and leaf, all accompanied by the charming presence of your favorite tiny chihuahua.