Collection: Beedric

Buzz into the enchanting world of Beedric with our Beedric Collection, where Tiny Chihuahua Cedric dons his adorable bee costume to become the charming flower-rating connoisseur. This unique collection is inspired by Cedric's (or Beedric's!) adventures in his garden and beyond, as he explores and rates various flowers with his keen, whimsical eye. From the vibrant Cedric's Flower Rating Colouring Book, filled with illustrations of Beedric and his floral finds, to apparel and accessories showcasing this cute bee persona, each item captures the spirit of exploration and the joy of discovering nature's wonders. Ideal for those who adore Cedric's bee adventures and appreciate the beauty of gardens and flowers. The Beedric Collection invites you to join in on the fun of flower rating and to celebrate the playful side of nature, all in the delightful company of Beedric, your tiny chihuahua guide in bee's clothing.