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Ultimate Tiny Chihuahua Sticker Bundle

Ultimate Tiny Chihuahua Sticker Bundle

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Here is our exclusive Ultimate Tiny Chihuahua Sticker Bundle! This special collection is a treasure trove for all Cedric and Maya fans, bringing together the most adorable and heartwarming stickers from our beloved Stickers collection.

What's Inside - 9 stickers:

  • 1 x Cedric and Maya's Merry Christmas Sticker: Spread the festive cheer with this charming sticker, perfect for adding a touch of holiday spirit wherever you go.
  • 1 x Beedric's Buzzworthy Sticker: Buzz into fun with Beedric, showcasing playful vibes that are sure to brighten your day.
  • 1 x Cedric and Maya's Siblings Sticker: Celebrate the unbreakable bond of sibling love with this heart-touching depiction of Cedric and Maya.
  • 1 x CedLou's Sticker: Join CedLou in his adorable adventures, a sticker that's a must-have for every fan.
  • 1 x Cedric's Bath Time Sticker: Splash into fun with Cedric's Bath Time, capturing the joyous moments of our furry friend.
  • 1 x Cedric's Garden Tour Sticker: Take a stroll through Cedric's garden, a sticker that brings nature's tranquility to your collection.
  • 1 x Classic Cedric's Sticker: Embrace the classic charm of Cedric, a timeless addition to your sticker ensemble.
  • 1 x Ducky Cedric Sticker: Float into cuteness with Ducky Cedric, a sticker that's as adorable as it is unique.
  • 1 x Tiny Chihuahua Maya's Sticker: Celebrate the tiny wonder, Maya, with this delightful sticker that's sure to capture hearts.

Each sticker in this bundle is crafted with love, featuring vibrant colors and high-quality materials that ensure longevity and stickiness. Whether you're decorating your laptop, phone case, or journal, these stickers are perfect for adding a personal touch of chihuahua charm.

Why Choose the Ultimate Bundle?

  • Exclusive Collection: Get all your favorite stickers in one go.
  • Perfect for Gifting: Surprise a fellow Cedric and Maya lover with this comprehensive and adorable sticker set.
  • Save More: Enjoy the beauty of the entire collection at a value that's unbeatable.

Embrace the joy, the fun, and the cuteness - the Ultimate Tiny Chihuahua Sticker Bundle is here to make every moment a little more special. Add it to your cart today and let the magic of Cedric and Maya brighten your world!

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So happy for the Cedric and Maya store .

Love everything about being able to buy online !