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Tiny Chihuahua Maya's Round Magnet

Tiny Chihuahua Maya's Round Magnet

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🌟 Brighten up your space with the vibrant and adorable Tiny Chihuahua Maya's Round Magnet! This new drop brings our classic Tiny Chihuahua Maya to life in a magnet format, now featuring a larger size and even brighter colors.

🐾 Maya, with her irresistible charm and playful pose, is perfectly captured in this round magnet. The larger size ensures that every detail, from her expressive eyes to her fluffy coat, is showcased beautifully, making it a standout piece in any collection.

🎨 The enhanced, vivid color palette brings a new level of energy and brightness to Maya's design. Whether it's on your fridge, locker, or magnet board, this magnet is sure to catch the eye and warm the heart of everyone who sees it.

🌈 A Perfect Gift: Ideal for fans of Tiny Chihuahua Maya or anyone who loves a touch of cuteness in their decor. This magnet is not just a delightful decoration but also a great way to bring a little joy into everyday spaces.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Fantastic !

Rhonda Sexton
My Maya Magnet

I love and adore my Maya magnet! It is a wonderful likeness of her and I love that it has brilliant colors in the painting! I especially love the pink that’s in it! It suits little Maya so well! It is a good size and it is right on my refrigerator door!

Laura Heffner
Great size magnet ! Very cute

This magnet was a nice size . Cute lil Maya puts a smile on my face .

Kerry Blanchard
Fantastic magnets!

We love watching Cedric and Maya. They are both adorable!