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Cedric's Bath Time Bubbles Shower Curtain

Cedric's Bath Time Bubbles Shower Curtain

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Step into a world of frothy delight every time you shower with the Cedric's Bath Time Bubbles Shower Curtain. Tiny Chihuahua Cedric's bath time antics are splendidly captured on this durable polyester curtain, turning your bathroom into a narrative of joy and playful splashes.

  • Cherished Bath Time Scene: Emblazoned with a large, one-sided print, this curtain features Cedric in the midst of his blissful toothbrush massage, surrounded by soft, soapy bubbles.
  • Long-Lasting Quality: Made with resilient 100% polyester, designed to withstand the humidity and activity of daily showers while keeping its cheerful design.
  • Simple Installation: The curtain is ready to hang with any style of hooks, making installation a breeze, though hooks are not provided.
  • Water-Resistant Fabric: The polyester fabric provides good protection against water, but for those who enjoy extra protection, using a liner is recommended for full waterproofness.

With Cedric's Bath Time Bubbles Shower Curtain, you're not just decorating your bathroom; you're infusing it with the essence of Cedric's happiest moments, ensuring every bath or shower is an episode of pure joy.


  Imperial Metrics
Width 71" 180.34 cm
Height 74" 187.96 cm
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Customer Reviews

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Chihuahua Fan
Love My Cedric Shower Curtain!

This shower curtain is incredibly cute, super high quality, and it totally makes me smile each time I walk into my bathroom!!