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Using Ramps for Safe and Easy Furniture Access

Key Takeaways

Topic Summary
Importance of Ramps Essential for preventing injuries and ensuring easy access to furniture for small dogs.
Why Ramps Over Stairs Stairs are steep and unsafe, especially for aging dogs like Cedric. Ramps are safer.
Best Ramp Features Look for non-slip surfaces, adjustable heights, and durable materials.
Recommended Brands DoggoRamp, PetSafe Solvit, Merry Products, Gen7Pets, and PetMaker.
Discount Offer Use code CEDRIC15 for a 15% discount on DoggoRamp.
Training Tips Positive reinforcement helps dogs get used to using ramps.


For Chihuahua owners, ensuring your pet can safely access furniture is crucial. As dogs age, their mobility decreases, making it important to have safe solutions for them to climb up and down furniture. Cedric, a 12-year-old Chihuahua, has been using the DoggoRamp to maintain his independence and prevent injuries. The DoggoRamp provides a secure and adjustable solution that suits the needs of small dogs like Cedric. Use DoggoRamp with code CEDRIC15 for a 15% discount.

Importance of Using Ramps for Small Dogs

Small dogs often struggle with mobility issues, especially as they age. Ramps provide a safer alternative to jumping, which can lead to injuries. For Cedric, using a ramp has been essential in maintaining his mobility and preventing strain on his joints.

Why Chihuahuas Need Ramps

Chihuahuas, due to their small size and susceptibility to joint issues, benefit greatly from using ramps. As Cedric aged, the stairs he used as a young pup became steep and dangerous. Upgrading to a dog ramp ensured he could safely access furniture without the risk of injury.

Types of Dog Ramps

  • Ramps vs. Stairs: Ramps are generally safer and easier for small dogs compared to steep stairs. Cedric's experience with stairs as a pup showed us that ramps are a much safer option as dogs age.
  • Different Types of Ramps: Various designs include folding ramps, fixed ramps, and adjustable ramps, each with unique benefits.

Key Features to Look for in a Dog Ramp

When choosing a dog ramp, consider the following features to ensure safety and durability:

  • Material: Look for durable, non-slip materials like PAWGRIP used in DoggoRamps. Wooden ramps offer stability, while plastic ramps are lightweight and portable.
  • Style and Design: Ensure the ramp matches your home decor and is not an eyesore.
  • Safety Features: Important features include non-slip surfaces, safety ties, and reflective markings.
  • Adjustable Slope and Height: Helps accommodate different furniture heights and is crucial for dogs with varying mobility needs.
  • Weight Ratings: Ensure the ramp can support your dog's weight, with extra capacity for safety.

Product Comparisons

1. DoggoRamp

  • Features: PAWGRIP non-slip surface, adjustable height, safety ties.
  • Design wins: This bedramp is designed to raise along one side of the bed, no need to have extra clearance nor to take up too much space!
  • Benefits: Provides secure and stable access to beds and couches, recommended for bedrooms.
  • Discount: Use DoggoRamp Discount Link with Code CEDRIC15 for 15% off.
  • Testimonial: Cedric, with a recommendation from Crusoe, the CEO of DoggoRamp, uses it daily in the bedroom.
  • Internal Link: More Information on DoggoRamp and Discount.
  • Best for: installing permanently indoors to let your pet access furnitures
  • Not good for: dog owners looking for a solution to board vehicles and outdoor use

2. PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Dog Ramp

  • Features: Telescoping system, high-traction surface, supports up to 400 lbs.
  • Benefits: Adjustable length, lightweight (13 lbs), suitable for various dog sizes and vehicles.
  • Best for: larger dogs needing to go up and down a vehicle.
  • Not good for: permanently installing against your furnitures

3. Merry Products Collapsible Dog Ramp

  • Features: Adjustable heights, rubber soles, collapsible design.
  • Benefits: Easy storage, good traction, holds pets up to 125 lbs. However, it may be too steep for some dogs and lacks sturdiness.
  • Cons: This ramp has no fences to protect your small dog from falling over, moreover, it is designed to be placed perpendicularly with one side of the beds, which takes up some space.

4. Gen7Pets Mini Indoor Foldable Dog Ramp

  • Features: Lightweight, portable, folds and locks securely.
  • Benefits: Supports dogs up to 200 lbs, but the carpet may be slippery and the ramp steep for some beds. Folds very nicely in an easy to carry manner.
  • Not suitable for: indoor permanent use.

Why DoggoRamp is the Best Choice

DoggoRamp offers superior features, including PAWGRIP non-slip surfaces, adjustable heights, and strong safety ties, making it the best choice for small dogs like Cedric. It ensures safety and longevity, withstanding years of use without showing wear and tear. Cedric's daily use of DoggoRamp, recommended by Crusoe, showcases its reliability and effectiveness. Moreover, we particularly like that it's designed to be placed in parallel with a side of the bed, making it a space smart option and allowing for a long, not too steep path to safely go up and down the furnitures.

Integration with DoggyBathroom


Chihuahua Cedric in a DoggyBathroom

Cedric and Maya are free to go up and down the DoggoRamps in the bedroom and in the living room to drink water or do their business in their DoggyBathrooms. The DoggyBathroom provides a hygienic and convenient solution for indoor pet waste management, complementing the use of DoggoRamps by allowing easy and stress-free access for your pets.

Guide to Train Your Small Dog to Use a Ramp

Training your Chihuahua to use a ramp can be a smooth process with positive reinforcement and patience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Choose the Right Ramp: Select a ramp with a gentle incline and non-slip surface. Ensure it is stable and securely placed next to the furniture your dog needs to access.
  2. Introduce the Ramp: Place the ramp flat on the ground without any incline. Allow your dog to sniff and explore the ramp at their own pace.
  3. Use Treats and Encouragement: Place treats on the ramp to encourage your dog to step on it. Use a calm, encouraging voice to reassure your dog.
  4. Gradual Incline: Once your dog is comfortable walking on the flat ramp, gradually increase the incline. Continue to use treats and verbal praise to guide them.
  5. Lead by Example: Use a leash to gently guide your dog up and down the ramp. Walk beside them and offer treats as they make progress.
  6. Practice Regularly: Practice using the ramp multiple times a day. Keep sessions short and positive to prevent your dog from becoming overwhelmed.
  7. Be Patient and Consistent: Every dog learns at their own pace. Be patient and consistent with training, and avoid forcing your dog to use the ramp if they are hesitant.
  8. Celebrate Success: Once your dog uses the ramp confidently, celebrate their success with lots of praise and a favorite treat.


  • Why should I use a ramp for my Chihuahua? Ramps prevent injuries and make it easier for small dogs to access furniture.
  • What are the best features to look for in a dog ramp? Non-slip surfaces, adjustable heights, and safety ties.
  • How do I use a discount code for DoggoRamp? Use code CEDRIC15 at checkout for a 15% discount.
  • Are ramps better than stairs for small dogs? Yes, ramps are safer and easier for small dogs to use.
  • What is the best ramp material for small dogs? Wooden ramps for durability, plastic for lightweight, and metal for sturdiness.
  • How to train a Chihuahua to use a ramp? Use positive reinforcement and guide your dog gently.


Using ramps for your Chihuahua is essential to prevent injuries and ensure they can easily access furniture. DoggoRamp offers the best solution with its superior features and safety measures. Use code CEDRIC15 to get a 15% discount on your purchase.

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